10 Ways how to make more money as a graphic designer

10 Ways how to make more money as a graphic designer – As a graphic designer, you have the opportunity to make money in a lot of different ways. Whether you want to do freelance work for clients or start your own business, it’s important to think about how you can maximize your earning potential.

This article will cover ten ways how to make more money as a graphic designer and put yourself on the path toward financial success.

10 Ways how to make more money as a graphic designer

Start Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money as a graphic designer. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it’s true: freelancers are their bosses and can choose which clients they want to work with. You also get to set your own schedule and take on new projects whenever you want—there’s no need for anyone else between the client and yourself!

As a bonus, freelance designers can often charge more than designers who work full-time at an agency or company because they have more experience than younger workers who may still be learning how to use various design programs like Photoshop or Illustrator.

Offer a La Carte Services

  • Offer a La Carte Services
  • Offer services on a per-project basis
  • Offer services on a per-hour basis
  • Offer services on a per-day basis
  • Offer services on a per-month basis

Quit doing Non-Billable Work

If you’re a graphic designer, you know that there are many ways to make more money as a designer. There are many ways to get your foot in the door and get noticed by your clients.

You may even have been asked by other people or friends to do non-billable work for them. This means they won’t pay you for this work because it’s not part of their business operations or project scope.

This is great if all you want is exposure, but it’s bad if all you want is cashola!

how to make more money as a graphic designer
how to make more money as a graphic designer

Fire Bad Clients

Sometimes clients are a bad fit for your business. If they don’t pay on time, do not respect you and your time, or ask you to work for free or less than what you’re worth, it might be time to fire them.

This is easier said than done; it takes a lot of courage and self-confidence to stand up for yourself (and your business) in this way: client relationships have been built over the years and involve trust that can be hard to rebuild once broken. But doing so will help ensure that only the best clients remain in your life—and make sure that when it comes down to money, both sides walk away happy with each other’s services.

Become an Expert in something that Pays Well

If you’re a graphic designer, here are some things that can help you make more money:

  • Become an expert in something. There is always a market for experts. The more skilled and knowledgeable you are in your field, the higher your rate and the more clients you’ll attract.
  • Get visible online. When potential clients search for design services, they might find your website before contacting a human being over the phone or emailing someone directly. If you’re not visible on Google searches yet (and most designers aren’t), it’s time to get started!

Increase Your Rates

Here are some easy ways to increase your rates:

  • Have a conversation with yourself and ensure that you are being paid fairly for your work. If not, it’s time to ask for more money.
  • Look at what other designers in your area charge and base your price on them. It’s fine to be a little under or above, but don’t stray too far from the norm.
  • Set a minimum rate for all jobs so that people know what they should expect from you and can decide whether or not they want to hire someone who charges less than this amount (and thus may have an inferior product).

Use Your Design Skills to Create Passive Income Sources

If you’re a graphic designer and have been looking for ways to make extra money or even just want a new way to make your design skills pay off, this article is for you.

This post will show you how to use your design skills to create passive income sources.

I will also give some specific examples of how other designers have done it so that they can also help inspire you!

Sell Templates or Stock Work in Marketplaces

  • Sell templates or stock work in marketplaces.

The easiest way to get started is to find the right platforms and sell your existing portfolio on them. There are plenty of stock photo sites, but my two favorite marketplaces for designers are Fiverr and 99Designs.

Both allow you to sell individual templates or designs, so even if you only have one template up on Fiverr and it doesn’t sell anymore, you can always upload another design later on 99 Designs and make more money from that one instead!

Do Contract Work for Other Designers

Contract work is a great way to get paid for your skills, build up your portfolio, and learn new skills from working with other designers. It can be a good way to get started in the design industry.

Learn How to Say NO!

Learning how to say no is a crucial part of being a graphic designer, as it is with any profession. Learning how to say no can also be very helpful in avoiding burnout in your career. Saying yes too often and saying yes when you don’t want to will eventually lead you down an unhappy path where you feel unfulfilled, stressed out, and exhausted.

Saying no comes with its own set of challenges, however, especially for those conditioned by society that it’s always better for everyone if we all just agree on everything (this isn’t true).

You might also be worried about hurting other people’s feelings or making them feel rejected or disappointed because they would like something from you. Still, you have decided not to give it to them at this time or under these circumstances.

For someone else’s needs not to become more important than yours, there must first be an understanding that their need isn’t necessarily more important than yours when compared with another person’s needs who has already declined to do whatever task they asked of us earlier today…

Take time to think about how you can be the most effective with your efforts, and don’t get distracted by opportunities that aren’t aligned with your end goals.

  • Take time to think about how you can be the most effective with your efforts, and don’t get distracted by opportunities that aren’t aligned with your end goals.
  • Be honest with yourself about what you are good at and what you aren’t.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no to opportunities that don’t align with your end goals.


So, you want more money? The good news is the answer isn’t as complicated as some might think. It all boils down to how you manage your time and skills. Are there other ways to make more money as a graphic designer? Of course! But we hope these tips will help get you started on your path to success!

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