10 ways how do I make money with a blog

10 ways how do i make money with a blog – If you’re thinking about starting a blog, there’s no doubt that it can be a great way to make money online. But if you’re just starting out and want to get some ideas about how to turn your blog into cash then this post is for you! In this article, I’ll share 10 ways how do I make money with a blog.

10 ways how do I make money with a blog

Sell Ad Space

The first way how do I make money with a blog is by selling ad space on your website. You will need to sign up for an account with Google AdSense, which is one of the most popular networks for placing ads on blogs and websites. Once you have an account, fill out all of their forms correctly so that they can approve you as a publisher. Then, create a page or sidebar where you’ll place ads within your content (this might be called “advertising” or “sponsored”).

Once this setup is complete, the next step is finding advertisers who want to place their advertisements on your site through Google AdSense’s system. They will provide templates for the ads that allow them to be integrated seamlessly into the design of your site without cluttering it up too much; these templates include logos and colors from each company’s branding so that everything matches well together when visitors come across them while reading an article or looking at photos from one of their sponsored posts!

Finally, once everything has been approved by both parties involved (you being one), then make sure that whatever information about yourself goes into these articles/posts is written about what each one offers so people see exactly why they should buy something instead of just blindly clicking around until something catches their eye.”

how do I make money with a blog
how do I make money with a blog

Promote Affiliate Products

  • Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. You can promote any type of product or service, but it’s most common for people to promote items they’ve used and like.
  • Find affiliate programs that match the content you’re producing on your blog. For instance, if I’m writing about how to make money with blogs, I’d look for affiliate programs that offer products related to this topic (like website builders).
  • When promoting an affiliate product on your blog, include links and information about the product so readers can benefit from it as well. This is what helps you get paid!

Join an Influencer Network

If you want to know how do I make money with a blog, joining an influencer network is a great way to do it. These are websites that connect bloggers with brands and companies looking for influencers to promote their products.

You can make money by being paid per post or you may be paid in product samples or free items. They also may give you a flat fee for writing about the brand over time as part of your contract with them (this is usually a one-time payment).

There are many benefits of joining an influencer network:

  • You’ll get paid regularly without having to pitch stories all the time
  • You’ll get access to exclusive offers and discounts on products that aren’t available elsewhere
  • It’s easy because they do all of the work! They find companies who want bloggers like you and negotiate deals on their behalf

Start a Blogging School

A blogging school is a place where students can learn how to start a blog, how to grow their blog into something great, and even how to monetize it. You are basically teaching people who want to start blogs but don’t know where to begin.

The first step in starting your own blogging school is by creating an email list so you can send out updates about the classes that you’re offering. You also need some sort of website where people can register for classes or pay directly on PayPal. Once those things are set up, it’s time for marketing!

You should reach out to influencers in the industry and ask if they would like information about your new school. If they say yes, send them all the details—the topics covered during each class session, what will be taught (e.g., SEO), registration fees and dates/times/location information.

Sell Your Own Digital Product

  • Create an eBook, video course or any other digital product:

Whether you want to create an eBook on a particular topic or create a video course on how to do something, it’s not as difficult as you may think. How about creating an online course that involves teaching people how to make money with their blogs?

You can really coach them through the whole process of starting and growing their blog. This is one way that has been working for many bloggers out there and it can work for your too!

  • Market Your Product:

Once you have created your product, market it in various ways. One way is by sharing it on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram where people who are interested in what you offer will see it and hopefully buy from you.

Another way is by sending out emails with links pointing back at your website so they can purchase directly from there instead of having them go through multiple steps before they get there which would slow down the sales process quite a bit since most people aren’t going spend time searching around looking for other websites when they already know where they need information right now – right here!

Write an eBook

Writing an eBook is a great way to make money, and it’s also a lot of fun. You simply write about your area of expertise, or a topic you are passionate about.

If you have been blogging for some time and have gained valuable knowledge through your experience, then you can write an eBook about it. Writing an eBook will help you stand out from the crowd because most people do not take the time to write them.

If you are looking for inspiration, then look at other successful bloggers in your niche who have written eBooks—you may be able to find some ideas here!

You can do this all by yourself or get assistance from somebody who knows what they’re doing (like me). If possible I would recommend getting someone else involved so that they can help make sure everything goes smoothly without any mistakes occurring along the way – especially if English isn’t their first language either!

Become a Freelance Writer

You can also make money by becoming a freelance writer. This is a great way to do it because you get to choose your own topics and write about them. You can also write for others if you want to, or even sell your own books on Amazon or other platforms like that.

It’s really easy to make money this way, especially if you’re good at writing!

Publish Sponsored Posts on Your Blog

There are many ways to make money with a blog. One of those ways is writing sponsored posts for other companies, organizations, and individuals. Some will pay you upfront, others will pay you after their post has been published.

There are many companies that are looking for writers or bloggers to publish sponsored posts on their blogs. This can be done in exchange for free products and services, cash, or both! The best part? You won’t have to do any additional work because they already have the content is written and ready to go!

Here are some places where you can find these types of opportunities:

  • Niche blogging forums/communities (ex: Bloggers Under Fire)

Offer Social Media Services to Other Businesses

If you can make a business page look good and get followers, then you can make money by helping other businesses with their social media needs. You’ll have to go through the same process as building your own blog, but in this case, you’re helping out other businesses rather than doing it for yourself.

For example:

  • You could do Facebook advertising for them (that’s what I do).
  • You could write content for them that gets shared on their website or on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.
  • You could take care of their online reputation if they get negative reviews from customers on Yelp for instance (which helps prevent losing customers).

Do Consulting Work for Small Businesses

  • What is consulting?

Consulting refers to the services of professionals in various fields of expertise. Consulting encompasses a wide range of disciplines, from technology to finance, engineering and law. Typically, consultants are hired by businesses or other organizations that need expert advice on specific issues and problems but do not have the capacity to hire full-time employees with specialized skill sets.

  • How do you get started as a consultant?

If you have experience in your field, consider listing yourself as an independent contractor (IC) on websites like Upwork or Guru.com where businesses can find freelancers who match their specific needs based on their qualifications listed on those platforms along with their hourly rate quotes per project.

You could also approach business owners directly via LinkedIn messages asking if they’d like help solving a problem or supporting their team members better through consultation work; this is especially effective if there’s already mutual respect between both parties because it shows initiative from both sides —the client seeking value-driven solutions for his company’s needs while offering quality service through his expertise in return—and builds trust between them before any formal contract is signed or money exchanged hands (which means less risk for both parties).

Having a blog can help you make money in various ways.

Having a blog can help you make money in various ways. The first step is to set up your blog, and the next step is to choose a monetization strategy that works best for you.

There are many ways to monetize your blog including selling ad space, promoting affiliate products, joining an influencer network and starting a blogging school or selling your own digital product!

Starting a blog is an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to earn money online. You can use your blog as a platform for selling products, advertising other businesses and becoming an influencer by promoting their products and services through your own channels. By following these tips above, you’ll be on your way to making money from your blog!

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